Frances Ann "Franki" Calloway (Hodge), Class of '65

Franki in 1965 

I didnít actually graduate from Baker, but rather from Kubasaki High School in Okinawa, 1965. I spent 9th, 10th, and 11th grade at Baker before my dad transferred overseas so I feel as though Iím at least 75% Lion! Some of my fondest memories of BakerÖ.football games, sock-hops, the Stop-and-Tell drive-in, 6th period study hall, Home Economics class with Ms. Griner, Biology with Ms. Radecki, working in Mr. Boylesí office during Study Hall, and having fun with all my gal-pals. Iíll remember until the day I die where I was when the announcement was made that President Kennedy had been assassinatedÖ.5th period typing with Ms. Stallings! Iíve been married to David Hodge for 36 years. We met and married when I was working at Ft. Benning after my family returned from Okinawa. David was in the military for a short time and after his tour in Viet Nam, our travels took us to Indiana and Hawaii, and finally, back to Georgia. My husband and I both retired from Civil Service (Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, GA) in 2001 with 34 years service each. During my career as a security specialist, I had the opportunity to visit such wonderful places as England, France, Germany, and Israel. We have one daughter (our pride and joy), Andrea, who was born at Ft. Benning in 1970. She attended local schools in Warner Robins and graduated from Georgia Southern University in 1994. Sheís been teaching 9th grade Social Studies for 9 years at her alma mater, Northside High School, here in Warner Robins. I hope you all are well and Iím looking forward to hearing from my old BHS classmates! Lions forever!

July, 2004

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