Linda L. Cosmah (Walker), Class of '65

Linda Cosmah, 1965 

About Baker: My earliest memories of Baker date back to kindergarten. My room was the last one on the left wing of the "E". There was a built-in cabinet just inside the classroom door where our coloring paper and crayons were kept. Years later, my Senior English class met in the same room. I sat there day after day, looking at that cabinet, wondering if I opened the door...would it still smell of crayons? Yes!

Other early memories of Baker include Mr. Cook, the principal, and his assistant principal (at the time), Mr. Boyles; sitting in the balcony during lunch and stuffing on powdered donuts and cokes; eating chili dogs in the lunchroom (you can tell I ate my way through high school); and, oh yes, studying. I remember that.

My older sister, Edna Aloma, and my brother, Butch, went to Baker before me, so I inherited their legacy. Teachers already recognized the Cosmah name by the time I got there. Many of you may remember Butch, as he was a track and swim star and quite a charmer. Actually, it was he who should have graduated with the Class of 65, and I should have graduated with the Class of 66. Butch joined the Navy instead, and I skipped the 11th, so I guess you could say I represented both of us at graduation.

After Baker: Butch had an illustrious career in the Navy, retiring at the grand old age of 39. He and his wife, Tina, now live in Austin TX and work in security. Butch has a son, Michael, who recently retired from the Air Force and moved his family back to Columbus. Butch also has two children who live in Alaska, a daughter, Jennifer (who has two kids) and a son, Thomas Christian, who had his own son this year. For those who would like to send him a greeting, Butch's email address is:

For myself, after graduating from Baker, I went to Columbus College for a year and then transferred to Georgia Southern, where I met my future husband the very first week. We married in 1968 and produced two beautiful children. Our son, Russ, is now 34 and an artist (, living in Clearwater. Our daughter, Ginger, is 27, married, and a K-1 teacher. We see both of our kids every week and count them our greatest blessing. I went back to college in 1983 to finish my Bachelors and have spent most of my working life in banking. My husband and I celebrated our 37th anniversary this year with a four month RV trip out West. It was wonderful. Life is good.

October, 2005

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