Jane DeVlaming (Sack), Class of '65

Jane DeVlaming, 1965 

Since graduating from Baker High School, I have completed two degrees at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro. Georgia. Every once in a while I run into a student whose parents graduated from Baker High School. I am currently a CPS Supervisor with Effingham County Department of Family and children Services. I have been honored with this position for the last 17 years. My husband and I had a MOM-POP store but he retired this past year. We have three boys, 32, 28, and 26. My middle son, Lawton Sack, has three darling children who also live in Statesboro. I haven't attended any reunions but would like to attend the one being held on October 15, 2005. I reviewed the class roster and became excited about seeing familiar faces. Even looking at the pictures, I couldn't recognize folks now as you surely couldn't recognize me, either. I remember friends calling me "skinny" in the hallway during class change. I wouldn't be called that, today. If you remember me, email me--it has been so long and since my parents are deceased, I don't get to Columbus any more.

July, 2005

Jane's e-mail address: gagirl19472000 at yahoo dot com    Contact information for Jane Baker Lions only

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