Luana "Lonnie" DiCarlo, Class of '65


Luana "Lonnie" DiCarlo (Maxwell), 1965

About-Baker: Beta Tri Hi Y. The friends that I made that I have lost touch is so busy and the time has evaporated....I would truly love to re-connect with some of my classmates...

After-Baker: I attended a dental assistant school in Atlanta, went to jr. college in Orlando:have been practicing dental hygiene for 34 years: have had three children-'69.'81.'94-my middle son died in '86. My oldest son, works at Coca Cola and plays with a band called drivin'n'cryin' and my youngest daughter is in the fourth I am not crazy...just blessed to experience motherhood in a different level of my life.

With my profession, I take a number of courses relative to dental hygiene, to keep my license legal and active.

Being a single mom, my life is so full of ambition and goal setting, I can't begin to share all of this with you. Life is a learning experience and oh how I love to learn...........

February, 2004

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