Gwen Nicholson (Lisa), Class of '65

Gwen Nicholson, 1965 

Since I was only there one year, I didn't get involved in much of anything (as I remember). My favorite memory was the first football game I went to against Valdosta. We were in the tailwinds of a hurricane and it rained relentlessly and the wind blew the rain horizontal. I went with Linda Burnett who had a bleeding Madras (remember that?) that bled continuously all night. We were soaked to the skin, but Baker won and it was great!

Two years at Memphis State University; business school and work in Memphis for six years. In 1975, joined the Air Force and stayed for 10 years until 1985. Was stationed at Sheppard AFB, TX; Little Rock AFB, AR; Kindsbach, Germany (with NATO); and Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona. Have lived here since 1983. Was married in 75 for about 6 months--don't even like to remember that one. Married again in 1979 and had twin boys in 1981. Divorced in 1986 (not long after 20 year reunion). Hav e worked at Davis-Monthan AFB as a GS worker since end of 1985. I am now the Natural and Cultural Resources Manager for the base (just call it Birds, Bunnies, and Bones!) And that's it. The boys are 16-1/2 and driving me nuts. Work is great and my new home is wonderful.

June, 1998

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