Robert "Bobby" Nickerson, Class of '65

Robert "Bob" Nickerson, 1965 
Motorcycle Officer 1976 
Bob 2007 

About-Baker: While attending Baker I was in a club or two, I played football as a freshman, and as a sophomore I decided to change to ROTC. Since the Viet Nam conflict was going on at the time, I figured I probably would need the military experience. I remained in ROTC until graduation. As a senior I held the rank of captain and was commander of the ROTC Drill Team. After school and on Saturdays I worked for a veterinarian with thoughts of becoming a veterinarian myself.

I have no one favorite memorable moment of my years at Baker. However, I have many fond memories that I often find myself reflecting on. And like everyone else I'm sure, I wish I could return to those special years. I would like to fix all the dumb things I've done, and change all the bad decisions I made. But we must move forward, we can't go back.

After-Baker: After graduation from Baker I attended Columbus State University, which was known as Columbus College at that time. I was in the pre-veterinary program from 1965 until 1967 when I transferred to the University of Georgia. I attended Georgia still with the idea of going to veterinary school. But in about 1970 personal set backs and poor decisions altered my life causing me to leave school and sending me off in a new direction. After dropping out of school I worked at Athens General Hospital in the emergency room and drove an ambulance for them for a while. Following that, I went into law enforcement with the Athens Police Department. Then in 1971 I returned home to Columbus where all my family still lived. Upon returning home I continued in the law enforcement profession as a Columbus Police Officer. In 1974, thanks to a federal grant for law enforcmet officers, I decided to go back to school, and in 1975 I received my BS Degree from Columbus State University. In 1977 I left the police department in pursuit of private industry, however in 1980 I returned to what I knew best, law enforcement. I went to work as an Investigator with the Harris County Sheriff's Department. In 1985 the opportunity to continue in law enforcement as a State of Georgia Law Enforcement Officer presented itself. I was appointed by the State Board of Pardons and Paroles to a Parole Officer position. I remained a State Officer and retired as a Chief Parole Officer on 10-1-08 with 25 years credited service.

I have three children and four grandchildren, and am married to the former Terri Ricks. Terri is originally from Birmingham, Alabama and is a career teacher with the Muscogee County School District. I enjoy photography, playing tennis, general outdoor activities, and riding my Harley.

After my brother, Kenneth (class of '66'), unexpectantly passed away (6-20-07) at 59 years old, it gave new meaning to there are no promises for a tomorrow. At 62 I knew that I wanted to retire at the earliest possible opportunity, so I officially retired on October 1, 2008. I plan on spending retirement enjoying life one day at a time, riding my Harley, playing a little tennis, doing a little photography, piddling with projects around the house, and spending time with friends and family. I might do a little substitute teaching since it provides a choice as to when, where, or if I want to work at all. I haven't totally decided about that yet. We'll see. Best regards to all, Bob

April, 2010

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