Rebecca "Becky" Rayburn (Norcross), Class of '65

Rebecca Rayburn, 1965 

I have very fond memories of my years at Baker. I went to Baker from freshman year to graduation in 1965. My brother Steve was two years ahead of me and tried to keep me straight. My sister Rachel was two years behind me and I tried to keep her straight but boy was that hard to accomplish. She has just recently moved back to Columbus and loves it there. I obtained a scholarship to nursing and have only recently changed career paths and not by my choice. I am now in human resources doing job classification for the federal government and cannot retire for about 5 years. My true love is nursing and I hope to do it again with retirement. In 1972 I married Louis (Systems Analyst) and we have two grown sons. They are in Atlanta and have their own homes and activities but we see them often. We started into the housing business as an extra activity but it has blossomed to a lot more. We love doing it and it keeps us both slim and healthy. We recently purchased an old home in the City of Norcross. It was built in 1889 and needs everything. Just our cup of tea. I have been to 4 reunions (10,20,25 and 40) I wish everyone health and happiness. Becky

March, 2006

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