Cynthia "Cindy" Rush (Preston), Class of '65

Cynthia "Cindy" Rush, 1965 

It's amazing how after all this time, memories of Baker can still be so clear: Principals Kirby and Boyles, the teachers, friends, service clubs, debate club, and my senior year stint as an ROTC sponsor. My post Baker life synopsis: Degrees from Duke University (NC) and Emory University (GA) led to a very short (as in 1-year) teaching career, after which I bounced around for the next thiry years in various management positions for telecommuncations companies in Atlanta, Columbus and the DC area. Divorced after 17 years of marriage to John Preston (also class of '65), I've since been a single mom balancing career and home. Our son is now a grown, computer science guru from Georgia Tech who keeps his Mom straight on the business computing issues of her jobs. For those who may have known the rest of the Baker High Rush family: Judy Rush Holmes ('61) lives in VA with her retired Navy officer / computer consultant husband and three grown daughters; Ray Rush ('68) married Pat Shevlin (sister of Margaret Shevlin, '65), and now lives in Sante Fe, NM with their son. And Linda Rush Connor ('69) found the home of her heart in Colorado with her husband, son and daughter -- though she still gets a "fix" of Macon Road barbecue sent to her whenever she can manage it. Both Rush parents died a few years ago.

April, 2002

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