Ken Shields, Class of '65

I spent my freshman and sophomore years at BHS. They were the best years that I had in my youth. I had many good friends at Baker and remember them very fondly.

In June of 63 I joined the Air Force (just turned 17 and thought I knew everything I needed to know in life). Two weeks into basic training dramatically altered that attitude. We were all immortal at that age. Remember?

It's now November of 1997, I'm 51 with three grown children, three grandaughters, one step-grandaughter and two step-grandsons. I started my own business during May of this year. I am a Manufacturer's Rep. for sixteen companies, selling Printed Circuit Boards and other electronic components to companies that manufacture Computers and related equipment.

I would love to hear from anyone from those days at Baker.

November, 1997

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