Donna Shine (Wall), Class of '65

Donna Shine, 1965 

I started at Baker in 1st grade and can remember being in line in the hall going to lunch. Occasionally, the bell would ring for the high schoolers to change classes. Our instructions were to stop and get as close to the wall as possible, lest we get trampled. In 7th grade, we were sent to the new South Columbus Jr. High, which later became Eddy Jr. High, for part of the school year. High school memories are about fun, fun, fun, but no academics!!

2005: My husband and I remain in the metro-Atlanta area with our children and grandchildren in the area. I'm now the grandmother of three; two of my four sons having married. One son is single and one is in college at Athens, GA. Now that our children are on their own, I'm able to travel with my husband. My husband, a West Point graduate, is with Energy Systems Group of Atlanta. Sadly, my second oldest son passed away in July 2004 of melanoma cancer. He had been diagnosed in 1999 and we thought he had it beat. Todd had married and they had a baby born prematurely and with birth defects. The cancer reoccurred in March of 2004 and shortly thereafter he was gone. His son was 23 months old. We continue to grieve but the days have become softer as time has passed. His son is now healthy with only a few residuals of his difficult first year of life. My sister, Jan, who many of you knew, lives less 30 minutes from me - we've never been very far apart. Her husband passed away in June 2004 of multiple myeloma after an 8-year-battle. My interests include gardening, genealogy and grandchildren. After four sons and two grandsons, I'm now the doting grandmother of a girl, 6 weeks old!!

July, 2005

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