William Noel "Bill" Wireman, Class of '65

William "Bill" Noel Wireman, 1965 

Update: September 4, 2003 Struggling to find a reason to continue the work grind, I made the decision to retire. In preparation, I took up the hobby of metal detecting, and modified a kayak for fishing. There was no remorse, nice not having to plan your days around a work schedule. Oh, before the decision was made, I used up all two months and five days of accrued vacation. This allowed for a preview of life not working, and allowed time to develope some new interest. About-Baker: The thought of being drafted and being sent to Viet Nam dominated my thoughts as I approached graduation. As my older brother, Richard Wireman also a Baker alum, and my father were serving in the conflict. My main memory was the deafening sound on numerous helicopters flying over the school ,a constant reminder of the 5000 troops shipping overseas weekly.

After-Baker: After graduation, worked at Fort Benning waxing floors at the OCS for the Summers, while attending South Georgia Tech. Completed electronic technician program and went to work for North Electric Company in Ohio. Traveled, installing central telephone exchanges, specializing in Toll Ticketing, long distance. Worked in Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia. In my first visit to Charlottesville, VA, I met Carolyn Winebarger in 1968. We married in 1969 on my return and we are still married. We have two children, Michelle who works at the University of Virginia Physchiatry Department and David who works as a CPA at a local law firm. My wife and I traveled for two more years and returned to Charlottesville, where I worked for a year doing radar prototype design for the Navy and Coast Guard. Next, I found a job with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and as of 01/01/2001 have qualified to retire. While at NRAO I completed a business degree in 1979. Also, I have attended classes from coast to coast, on computers, digital imaging systems and floating point processors. My job started out building correlators, progressed to computer interfaces and maintenance, and finishes with Hemt amplifier R&D. The last project that we built amplifiers for is the Microwave Anistrophy Probe or MAP, will be launched by NASA next year. The following link shows me seated on the left bonding in the clean room:Click Here.

May, 2004

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More Pictures

Nicole, Carol, Samantha and Michelle
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Picture taken at a country wedding. My daughter and her two children are pictured with my wife.

This is a picture of my brother taken in 1998. Richard was a 1964 graduate of Baker High.
Richard Wireman and Coleen
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Bill Wireman
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Could not upload my mugshot so went with adding it as an additional picture. This photo was taken for my passport 6/03.

Picture of my wife, Carol, and myself while on vacation during 2001.
Bill and Carol Wireman
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Nicole and Samantha Thomas
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Picture of our two grandchilden. Nicole is 14 and samantha is 10.

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