Laura Lynn Wood (DeLaMare), Class of '65


Lynn Wood, 1965 and Lynn Wood DeLaMare, 1991

After working as a legal secretary/assistant, systems troubleshooter and word processor for the world's most "difficult" attorneys, I finally bailed out and started my own business a few years back. My daughter (who was named after Marcy Tjossem) builds log furniture, and I market it. Hence the web page etc.

December, 1996

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More Pictures

Marcy and Lynn, 1991.
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Here are Lynn and Marcy, the namesake of Marcy Tjossem '65. December, 1991

Here's Marcy, Vice President and Builder of Upriver Log Furniture. And that's Philo, the Top Dog at the right. 1996
Marcy in 1996.
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Marcy in 1991.
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Here's Marcy, looking sultry. December, 1991

Lynn found this, uhhh, unusual plant in the desert in Utah and just had to get her picture taken with it.

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