Donna Louise Yarborough (Burke), Class of '65

Donna Louise Yarborough, 1965 

I live in Rowlett, Tx now, have 3 sons, 2 stepchildren, all are married and have 8 grandchildren between them. My husband and I own a screen printing company and make custom design t'shirts and other "stuff". We try to maintain a Christian ethic in all that we do and give God the glory. I was married for 23 years to my first husband, ie the name Frosch, and have been married 17 years to my second which has resulted in my love for Jesus Christ. I am currently not working; just doing the company books and hanging out with the grandkids. Look forward to catching up with some of the friends from the various schools. As you military types know, it was hard to make really close relationships but there were a lot of people I respected and would like to hear from. Funny, we have attended church in Mesquite, TX and one of my class members there graduated from Columbus High School the same year....yeah, our rivals! Small world!

March, 2006

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Senior Prom
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Me and 'the big fish! 16 pound striper caught at Lake Tawakoni, Texas not far from our home. My passions are fishing and soccer
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The results of terminal lung disease and it's treatments. Oxygen tank in the back of the scooter and tubing in the nose 24/7 but still cruising around Canton, Texas at First Monday !!! Yeah!

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