Carolyn Diane Allman (Regan), Class of '66

Baker High School - was it really almost forty years ago? For those few that remember me ... I think I was fairly quiet back then. Life has been good to me. I have been married to a great guy for over thirty years. We have two beautiful daughters. The youngest is a teacher but she has applied to LSU law school. Following in her father's footsteps. He is an assistant U.S. Attorney for the western district of Louisiana. Our oldest daughter is a journalist. She is currently spending a month in Chile in a Young Professional Exchange Program. She is following in mom's footsteps. I just retired after many years of being the editor for our hometown newspaper. Loved my work but ready for some "down" time. Neither of our daughters are married. Maybe now with mom retired and ready to provide free babysitting they will consider making us grandparents. Memories of Baker days - talk about a mixed bag of emotions. Are there any plans for a 1966 class reunion? My husband is a Vietnam veteran and a retired Lt. Col. with the Army Reserves and is always looking for a reason to visit Fort Benning. And there are certainly people I would enjoy seeing again.

July, 2005

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