Robert "Rocky" Barrett, Class of '66

About-Baker: At Baker, I mostly stayed in trouble. One of many memorable moments was when an M-80 was set off (by some unknown person) in "Oscar P's" office.. "Oscar P" came charging out of that office in a cloud of white smoke and shredded paper and rounded up the first 25 or so people standing around wondering what had happened.... It was lunch time and there were people everywhere... no one was hurt, just a lot of noise and smoke... today if that happened, the GBI-FBI would be called in very quickly. For the record, I didn't do it and I don't know who did!

After-Baker: Raced around town on motorcycles until the draft caught up with me in Feb.67'..joined the Navy.. got married, got out and back in a couple times (the navy)... raised hell all over Europe, was an Advisor in Viet Nam (72-73), retired in Jan.90' as a Senior Chief Electricians Mate. Joined the Merchant Marines in 92', hold a Chief Engineers License for anything (Steam, Motor or Gas Turbine, any horsepower) in the ocean,and am still sailing with TYCO Electronics, a subsidary of Tyco International, laying and repairing undersea fiber optic cable networks all over the Pacific and Atlantic. Home port is Baltimore..Wonderful wife since 68', two great kids, Arrin and Bobby.. 5 grandkids.....I'm still healthy, thank God. I've been in and around Charleston, SC since 1968 and am thinking about moving back to or in the vicinity of Columbus. 2004, January.. Still thinking about coming back to Columbus... My old ship was sent to India to make razor blades... The company gave me a brand new one that took its place.. Still at Sand Island, Honolulu... Handicap is down to a 9... Life is good... daughter to get married this Feb.... Wife is still beautiful.... 2008... Daughter is divorced...I work out of Baltimore now..same company..TYCO...working mostly in the Atlantic..sometimes the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean...Handicap still 9..need some time are fine.. we moved back to Waverly Hall for about a year... moved back to South Carolina ($$$$).. in Moncks Corner now. Wife still works at the vet in Summerville....I had back surgery about a year ago... Shot an 82 five weeks later(June)in Portland, Oregon and then went around the world and back to Moncks Corner by September. Feeling great. Restoring my Daddy's old 55' Studebaker on and off... a lifetime project....Wife is still beautiful!!

November, 2008

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