Bonnie Boyer (Mainor), Class of '66

I was a majorette in my senior year and I have a twin sister, Connie Boyer (Grier), and a younger sister who attended Baker, Shirley Boyer (Brock). Shirley graduated in 1967.

I work for the Alabama State Bar as the Disciplinary Clerk (my job is like a clerk of the circuit court) in the General Counsel's Office. I have worked at the State Bar for a total of 19-1/2 years.

I am married to Ron Mainor from Montgomery and have two children and a step-daughter. My oldest child is Chris Bacchus. (His father, Joe Bacchus, graduated in 1967 from Baker.) Chris is 32 years old, is married to Jennifer Bischoff Bacchus, and they have a son, Preston, who was born September 25, 2003. I am a grandmother now and loving it. Chris works for the Retirement System of Alabama in information technology. My youngest daughter, Kimberlee, is going to Faulkner University here in Montgomery. She was a figure skater, but no longer skates.

January, 2004

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