Glenda Ellen Caldwell (Hall), Class of '66

Glenda Ellen Caldwell, 1966 
Glenda Caldwell Hall, 1996 

Glenda Writes:

I went to Baker from my freshman to my senior year. I met some of the most wonderful people I have ever known in high school and feel I have had close bonds with a lot of them although I only see them at reunions, they are always in my heart.

Baker was a great part of my life. I did not grow up at Baker, I had fun. I grew up later on when life slapped me in the face and I had to.

I have had a good life so far, two children, two marriages, two divorces. I live in Columbus and have a cute condo that I own. My son is a school teacher and my daughter who is 21 is attending school to be a hairdresser. No grandchildren yet. I have two chihuahua's who are my babies and keep me busy. I walk them at least five times a day.

I retired from Fort Benning in 1995 and now I work at home doing medical transcription for hospitals in Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and have even done Louisiana after Katrina.

May God Bless each and every one of you and keep you healthy. Write me!

July, 2006

Glenda's e-mail address: Glndelln at hotmail dot com    Contact information for Glenda Baker Lions only

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