James H. "Jim" Davis, Jr., Class of '66

I had to get out my annual to find out what I did at Baker. Says I was on the Class Council freshman & junior years, but I don't remember much about that. Not much to remember about the Chemistry Club. Pretty boring. I do remember ROTC for 3 years. I enjoyed the Rifle Team...not much of a spectator sport, no pep rallies or cheerleaders. Nice looking sponsors though, Marilyn Carpenter, Terry Shores, Cindy Gramling and Jeri White. Jeri was always nice. My most memorable moment was freshman year being dangled out the window of the boys restroom on the second floor by the old library because I resisted giving my lunch money to a couple of hoods. Rough start to high school. It got better. When I hear "Pretty Woman" I still remember sitting in sophmore English and listening to that unmistakable beat through the open window playing over and over again from the Burger Chef across Victory Drive. Living at Fort Benning, I remember Brat Barracks, The Old Hospital, French Field, Rainbow Ave., Pizza on Call, the water tower, The Mad Mushroom, the OC pool...

I worked, attended CC, got drafted, attended CC, became a migratory construction worker, sold building materials, became a migratory broadcaster and loved Columbus so much I made my way back and currently work for Clear Channel Radio. I'm married to the former Liz Barrows (no Baker connection), have 2 Dalmatians and live in Fortson (a couple of miles north of the old rock quarry). Spend most of my time and way too much money on restoring a '65 Dodge Dart GT, a clone of the first car I bought after graduation.

June, 2006

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