Wanda Durden (Gibson), Class of '66

Graduated from Ashland College in 1976 with a BS in Business Education. Also graduated from Wright State University with a masters in education in 1990. Have been teaching school since 1976 in Ohio and Virginia.

Have worked in consulting in various businesses since 1990.

I am married to Ken Gibson (since 1970) and have two children. Our daughter, Wendy, was married in May. Our son, Jeremy is starting college in January.

We have been in the ministry since 1973 and have lived in Ohio (for 17 years), Virginia (for 5 years) and now are located at a church in Red Lion, Pennsylvania. We have been here over a year and enjoy our ministry here very much.

Those special times at Baker, like I said were very special. I remember we were there at such a time of world turmoil. Do you remember the day when many of our fathers had been put on alert because of Cuba, or when the strength of Fort Benning skyrocketed because of Viet Nam.

June, 1998

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