Joseph "Joe" Lahnstein, Class of '66

After Baker I attended Syracuse University and was commissioned in the Army in June 1970 after receiving a BA in International Relations. Karen Burrows ['66] and I married in July '71 in Columbus. Army travels took us to Ft Benning; Korea [by myself]; Ft Devens; Ft Benning, Germany; Ft Bragg; Monterey; Germany again; Scotland, Germany still again, Washington, DC; Kazakhstan (by myself again), and then back to Washington. I transitioned from active duty in 2000 and worked for the Department of State for three years. After 11 years in DC Karen and I moved to Virginia Beach in Dec 2003 where I work for the Coast Guard. We have two daughters: Carrie who is an optometrist in Houston and Katie who is an attorney now practicing in Washington DC. Zoe Katherine Campbell, our first grandchild, joined us on 7/7/05 in Houston.

April, 2006

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