Larry Wayne Lewis, Class of '66

Hard to beleive we are coming up on 40 years. Man, what a ride. Have great memories of ole BAKER HIGH. Heard it got torn down a few years ago. Still remember working at the Burger Chef, the track team, yearbook staff and skipping class with Ronnie Brown and Jack Mallot. Got caught by Strilldorf enough to set the record for the most licks in one year. I never beat Ronnie Brown drag racing in my 65, 289 high performance Mustang. Had fun trying though, except for the time the state trooper caught us on Victory Drive. Fondly remember the football games, the rock quarry, Junior/Senior prom and some of the great friends I had. Hope we have a 40 year reunion in 2006. Went on after high school to marry Dianne Pickron, but that only lasted 7 years. One son, Dwayne Scott. Was in the Air Force for 8 years. Did Viet Nam with the 351st Tactical Fighter Wing, Gunfighters of DaNang. I think at one time, Baker had the most KIA's of any high school in the nation. God bless them all. Worked my way through college and have spent over 30 years in the nuclear field. 15 years management and consulting in commercial nuclear power plants(operations)and the last 16 as a consultant in the Department of Energy doing environmental restoration and hazardous material clean-up. And no, I don't glow in the dark. Currently in Knoxville Tennesse, home of the Volunteers (sorry your dawg fans) working at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Married to Dianna Rosser (no tie to Baker) for 13 years (3 stepchildren, 2 grand children). Have had a blessed and great life. Traveled the world, made a lot of friends and enjoy just being here. Hope to see some of you at the next Baker Reunion. And yes, Jack Mallot and I are still best buddies and stay in contact from time to time. Hope this finds all of you happy, healthy and smililng. Go Lions............................!

October, 2005

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