Sandra Jolene Macon (Herczeg), Class of '66

I was the Co-Captain of the Dandy Lions in 1965-66. Hey! We beat Columbus High that year! That has to be the most memorable moment. We were so excited. Loved Baker - thought it was a great school.

I am an RN and a Medical Administrator for Correctional System here in Georgia. Rarely run into any Baker Lions in my line of work (thank goodness). 3 kids - Chris who is in law enforcement, Katie who is an RN and Stephen who is a Junior at Northside High School. A great husband who is retired from the Army and working for the government. 2-17-06 - Tragedy struck this year with the death of my 16 year old son Stephen. This loss has made me humble. I heard from some of you that I haven't seen in years. Thank you all for your kindness.

February, 2006

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