Marguerite "Margo" McNamara (Saunders), Class of '66

Most memorable - skipping school the day the pool opened for the season on the post, got caught and had to work four Saturdays with all my friends. I have twin brothers one year older than myself, Mike and Cary, who graduated from Baker. I was very active in many activities, remember, you got to miss class to attend meetings. I loved Baker and hated to move my senior year to Alexandria, VA

Got business degree from Wingate College in NC. Married for 28 years. Played Mom for 18 years then went to work at a realty company. Three children, 24, 23, 19.

Currently mining for gold in Ester, Alaska. All my kids are up here working for us, youngest son is at Virginia Tech.

Have 33 employees, mostly from Roanoke, VA where we were living until moving here last year. Mined for gold in Nome, AK for 7 years until property mined out. We actually live in Fairbanks, Ester is 8 miles outside Fairbanks A beautiful city, 24 hours sunlight right now.

June, 1997

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