Sharon "Shari" Phipps (Evans), Class of '66

About-Baker: I was active on Student Council. The things I enjoyed the most were the Sockhops and football games, Sadie Hawkins Day and the Christmas Basketball tournaments. I think we had a wonderful student body and faculty and going to Baker was a super experience, which I remember fondly.

After-Baker: After graduating, I attended Columbus College where I met my husband, Ken Evans (Columbus High, 1966). We married in December, 1967. Our children, Kee (and his wife Edie) and Andy live in Columbus. In August, 2004, Kee and Edie presented us with our first grandson, Tripp. He's our heart! I guess I'm a late bloomer. Folks who knew me in high school would be surprised at my life these days. I'm sort of an artist, but don't really work at it much, it's just for my pleasure. My favorite thing is shooting sports. I have enjoyed shooting Sporting Clays for several years and I'm a certified shotgun instructor. I love hunting ducks, geese, turkeys, quail and deer. Ken and I find our favorite pastime now to be Cowboy Action Shooting. We dress up like the 1890's and play cowboy just like we did when we were kids! Ken retired from the banking industry in 1997 and we spend most of our time hunting and shooting and travelling to do those things. I also enjoy volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House and working to put on Sporting Clays fundraising shoots for various charities.

April, 2005

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