Janet Marie Rossano (Rossano-Ziegler), Class of '66

I stayed in Columbus after graduation from Baker and went to Columbus College and later worked at Blue Cross/Blue Shield. In 1970 I married and moved to Albany, N.Y. where I lived until 1983. During that time I had 2 beautiful daughters, now 29 and 27. In July of 1983 my husband, daughters, and I moved cross-country to the beautiful Pacific Northwest and lived in an eastside suburb of Seattle, Washington and this is where I live today. I was divorced in 1985 and even though my family (who still live in Georgia) thought I would return to the south, I decided to stay in the northwest and raise my daughters. Of course each of them decided to leave the area after high school graduation ( my oldest went to Georgia Southern!).I am very happy to say both have returned to the Seattle area after college. I now have a beautiful 3 year old grandson who is definately the joy of my life! I have worked for 20 years at Evergreen Hospital Medical Center in Kirkland, WA in management and now as an Oncology Financial Specialist. After really getting tired of long commutes in the Seattle traffic, I moved last fall and live so close to the hospital, I walk to work every day! I have been fortunate enough to reconnect with some old friends, but would love to hear from any others from our Baker era!

May, 2003

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