Bernadine "Dee" Spaw (Sponaugle), Class of '66

Not in sports, band or ROTC, remember the pep rallies. Basically hung out with best friends, Chris Miller and Lee Butts. Best male friends Larry Walker and Terry Bryant. Terry was the love of my life at that time, he worked at the burg er joint across the street from school. I moved to Frankfurt, Germany in 1964 and graduated from there. I met George and Bill Price there and found that they had also attended Baker High before they moved to Germany. Best memories are Biology with Mrs. Mc Millian, she was tuff but a riot in class.

Had four children, attended 2 years of college at Chatahoochee Valley, after helping put husband thru 4 years of college/ Divorced after 19 years of marriage, still single now. Husband was military so we traveled alot. Worked at Pratt & Whitney for 6 years then moved to Alaska for 8 years. Now moving back to Florida next month. Be glad to be back in the south. Will be looking for work as a bookkeeper which is what I have been doing for the past several years. Hopefully meet Mr. Right, getting to the age where I'm ready to settle down again. Things I enjoy most are playing pool, reading and fishing.

February, 1998

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