Steven "Steve" White, Class of '66

Had to get professional photos when I took my new job in 2004. 

I was on the basketball team, baseball team. I really enjoyed the sock hops on Friday night.

I left Baker and went to the University of North Carolina, where it took me 3 years to flunk out. I then went into the Army and served for three years, mostly in Fort Huachuca, Arizona. I worked in Phoenix for a year after I got out of the Army, until I decided to go back to college. I went to Harding College in Searcy, Arkansas and graduated in May of 1975. I met my wife there and we were married on March 8, 1975. When I graduated, we moved to Oxford, Mississippi where I finished an MBA in May of 1976. I was invited to return to Harding College as a faculty member and we moved back to Arkansas. After teaching accounting for three years, I moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas to work on a Ph.D. in Accounting. We spent one year in Fayetteville and moved back to Searcy, where I continued to teach. In 1985, we moved back to Fayetteville to finish the doctorate, and I finally completed the dissertation in June of 1988. We moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky where I am an Associate Professor of Accounting. We really love Kentucky. My wife, Jeanne and I have three children: Melanie, born in 1978; David, born in 1980 and Philip, born in 1982. In July 2004 my wife and I moved to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I am now a full-time missionary. I work as president of the Association Amicus, which is a preacher training university and a medical/dental clinic for the poor. We have three grandbabies in Hendersonville, TN and our son David got married just before we left for here to Maggie. They live in Goodlettsville, TN. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from my one year at Baker and the 8th grade at SCJH. Pretty typical Army brat.

September, 2005

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