Joe Donald Bacchus, Class of '67

After graduating from Baker, I went to University of Alabama on a music scholarship. I was very surprised to find so many students from Columbus High band program attending the UA School of Music. I played in several bands and made many friends and married Bonnie Boyer (Baker '66).-------- After a few years teaching at Tuscaloosa High, AL. Bonnie and I moved to Tifton, GA. Bonnie worked at Abraham Baldwin College and I was Band Director at Tifton County Jr. Hi. That same year Christopher was born. Teaching positions in Georgia were some of the lowest paid teaching jobs in the country, so I decided to head for California bay area and play in and in an established funk band. The pay opportunities were somewhat better. After I made that first "million" in the music business ;)), I elected to go back into the public school system to make the next "million". Within a year I accepted another teaching position as Band Director at Vanden High School, Travis AFB and Bonnie and I parted and she returned to Montgomery Alabama. Six years later, I accepted the band job at Enterprise High School in Redding, CA. Within five years Proposition 13 cut many arts programs from public schools in CA. I found it so interesting that music programs in the South were so important in schools and the great state of California positioned arts as unimportant in education. -------- I thought it was time to go back to school again and focus on a career in business. Sale & Marketing jobs have taken me thoughout the orient and europe. Discovered new friends in new places! I married Marcia DeKorte and we spent many happy years together. Two stepsons, Josh and Charlie made live more fun than I had ever expected. Marcia passed from Breast Cancer in '94.--------- Took me year to begin to feel my feet again. I just learned to live by myself when I experienced another adventure;I had a heart attack after returning from a business trip to Tokyo. I had felt the heartburn for months in every airport, with every passing step and never though it could be anything else. I recovered and realizied that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life alone. Joan must have be experiencing the same thoughts and we married February 14, 2000. How lucky could a person be? God has truly blessed me. I still play drums in small groups and big bands. My wife sings in church choirs and we travel together. Now we are grandparents of little Emma (2)Parents: Julie & Mike, Makayla (1)Parents:Keara and Josh and Preston (9 months) Parents: Jennifer and Chris. Life is good! I love my grandchilden and my children with all my heart.---- B.S. University of Alabama Tuscaloosa 1971 M.A. Univeristy of Alabama, Tuscaloosa 1976 MBA (incomplete) California State University Post Graduate Studies: Berklee School of Music Boston University of Oregon University of California Berkeley Children:-- Christopher Bacchus 33, Montgomery, Al,mother Bonnie Boyer(Baker'66) Josh Pierce 34, Chico, CA, mother Marcia DeKorte deceased Charlie Pierce 28, Seattle, WA, mother Marcia DeKorte deceased Julie Santos 29, Chico, CA, mother Joan Marie Bacchus Work: VP Sales & Marketing OverLand Equipment, Inc. Chico, CA 1986-2000 VP Sales OPTX International, Chico, CA. RealNetworks partner,Microsoft partner ScreenWatch software ---

June, 2004

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The women in my life!
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I love them all! (LtoR) daughter-Julie Lawrence ,wife-Joan Bacchus,daughter-in-law Keara Pierce,daughter-in- law Jennifer Bacchus

Denis and I had a "mini- me", John Gratham's son. We did think it a chore to drag John Jr. around on the football field during all the halftime shows! I'm sure that John Jr. has a unique rememberance of that year too!
Denis Butterfield and I shared the Baker Band Drum Major postion for the school year 1966-1967
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Baker Band Drum Section: (LtoR)Charlie Echols '69,William (Bill OJ) Battle '69, Denis Butterfield '68, Joe Bacchus '67, and Glen (Buddy) Matlock '67
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This photo was taken at the All Class Reunion in 2000. Many of the band members came. I wish I could have seen them all. Those other friends I missed. Diane Smith (drums), Bill Adams '70 (drums), Dexter Florence '65 (drums)- deceased, Ronnie Shaddix '65 (drums), Ben Hines '60 (drums)and the many others.

Do you still play music? You should post photos on the Baker website and share your life experiences. Live is short and we must cherish the moment.

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Concert with the Mills Brothers...the old guy playing the yellow drums!
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Really enjoyed the years in the Baker Band. Played in the State Honor Band in 64 and Principle Percussionist with the Georgia State Honor Orchestra '67. Baker Band Directors Richard Reis and John Grantham certainly influenced me. I'll always remember them in highest regard.

Grandpa at the computer!
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