Brenda Cabler (Mathers), Class of '67

Now 37 years latter 

My years at Baker were some of the best times and I'm forunate to have such fond memories of my high school years at Baker. I remember so well the "Sadie Hawkins Day" each year. What a blast we had catching greased pigs and climbing the greased goal post. The sock hops in the old gym. The pep rallys and football games. Just the day to day events at school are so cherished by me. The smell of the old hallways, the aromas from the lunch room (Burger King, Stop N Tell, Dairy King) The cigarette smoke of the bathrooms. What a blast.

I married E. M. Lee from Omaha, GA had one son, Damon. After my divorce I stayed in Columbus and went to nursing school to become an LPN. Worked at the Medical Center. In 1980 I moved to Tallahassee FL and married my present husband Greg. We have a daughter Alisha (she is a model with Marshal Doll Promos and modeling. She models for Harley Davidson in Tallahassee and Grand Rapids, MI. She is on 10 of the Harley Davidson Billboards in and around Tallahassee and Thomasville, Ga. I now own an art and craft store. My husband and I own a Dry Cleaners in Crawforville. I'm in the process of closing the art store and opening a Real Estate Office with a Broker friend of mine. If you ever need real estate in this area, please contact me. We enjoy water sports and hunting. I have three sisters who went to Baker, Virginia, Donna and Chanelsa. Damon and his wife just had a baby girl, now I'm a grandma. I wish my children and grandchildren could have had the opportunity of attending a high school like Baker. Those days are gone and they will never know the joy that I did from 1964-1967, my years at Baker.

September, 2003

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