Gloria Jane "Jae" Cantrell (Gordon), Class of '67

About-Baker: I really wasn't into clubs, etc. My parents didn't feel they were necessary. Did really enjoy the sockhops on Fridays. Most memorable moments were watching my neighborhood friends on the JV football field.

After-Baker: My father was transferred to Erlangen, Germany in 1964. There I attended Nurnberg American High until 1965; when, my father became ill in the field, and we were sent back stateside. Attended S.R. Butler High in Huntsville, Al. Graduated in 1967. Have since taken courses at various colleges (no degree!). Married in 1970, divorced in 1972. One child Jennifer Rebecca McQuiston McDaniel, born Feb.3,1972. Remarried in 1999 to Brian Noll Gordon, from Fairmount In. We have a farm in southern Tennessee, where we raise horses, donkeys, mules, a few goats, many dogs, and potbelly pigs. Retired in 1983 from South Central Bell & ATT. In 2001 my daughter presented me with a beautiful grandson...Trent Everett Rutkowski...the pride of my "old age"!!!

May, 2004

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