Mitchell "Mitch" Church, Class of '67

I was on the ROTC Rifle Team.

What I enjoyed most about BHS was the fun times after school. I have a lot of fond memories of my days at BHS especially Home Ec. where I ate most of my lunches cooked by several fabulous chefs - Edith Harris and Linda Herndon to name two.

I would like to add of all my travels with my parents I think my tenure at Baker made the most impact on me.

When I left Baker in the Summer of 66 I joined the Navy and served two tours of duty in Viet Nam. After the Navy and a short stay in Atlanta I joined the Army and completed 22 years of faithful service for our country.

I have a bachelors degree from Southern Illinois University and am currently a Business Consultant teaching Business related subjects at Kerr Business College and working with the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Augusta in Augusta, GA.

I am divorced with three boys (22 & twins of 17).

My future plans enclude a Masters Degree/Ph.D. and perhaps some traveling around the world again.

March, 1998

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