Robert "Bob" Copeland, Class of '67

I left Baker HS at the end of my Junior year as my father had just returned from Vietnam and was transferred to Ft Hood, TX. I finished my Senior year at Killeen HS, one of a large group of Seniors who were kind of displaced. Went to the University of Texas, graduated, was commissioned as a 2LT, and went into the Army. I stayed there for the next 12 years, got out at Yuma, AZ, and went into Civil Service. Divorced in 1992. Much more happily married in 1995 (sane - and this one even likes me!), and still in civil service. I am remembering how many people I knew at BHS, and how much I enjoyed (some) of the school and their company. It does not seem like 38 years are gone: To quote Jerry Garcia, "What a long, hard road its been". And I wouldn't trade a single mile or day I spent at BHS. Live and be happy!

June, 2005

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