Robert L. "Larry" Dahn, Class of '67

I played football. Ronnie Graham and I sold our services to The Citadel for an education. So much for the easy life. We missed our friends and freedom.

I enjoyed the club activities, the Teen Club at FT. Benning, and cruising the Krystal. Sock hops were great.

Life was easy.

I transferred to Troy State University in '69. '72 Economics. Conney Colley and I were married in '73. We were blessed with three wonderful kids. Ginger 21, University of South Florida. Katy 17, Lawerence 12.

Katy was born disabled. Conney and I are active in several organizations related to disabled individuals as well as our church.

I enjoy tennis, but usually play with Lawrence. We go fishing a lot. We work out regularly at the local YMCA.

My firm, Estate Planning and Investment Concepts, helps retired individuals plan for the transfer of assets from one generaton to the next. Next year I will have the privilege to serve as President of The Martin County Estate Planning Council.

Stuart is a great place to live and raise a family.

June, 1997

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