Roger Emerson, Class of '67

Played Basketball my freshman year, scored 4 points (crowd went wild) that year.

Member of the football team all four years, loved warming the bench and watching the girls in the crowds, great fun all four years.

Spring breaks were most memorable, as were times at the quarry.

Went directly into the Military in the Fall after graduation, did my time, went to Columbus College 1970-73.

In the Summer of 73 went to Micronesia traveled the Islands of the Marshall's, Kosrae, Ponape, Truk, Saipan, Yap and Palau. Fortunately for me, I was working for the Trust Territory of the Pacific, (Telecommunications) during this exploration. In 86 married in Kosare, built myself a home and started raising a family (at this time, I have four kids ages 2,4,9 and 10 and find it difficult to type this early Saturday morning). Went into business for myself, in aquaculture, divetours, and (on land) microcomputer sales and service.

After 23 years have returned to the States with family, and what a culture shock!

April, 1997

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