Philip E. "Phil" Fowler, Class of '67

I played football and baseball at Baker. I also tried to play basketball, but with no success.

I belonged to the Key Club and B Club, attended a few classes, until my senior year.

What did I enjoy most? Friendships made. Pitching a shut out. Playing on winning football teams. Being part of history at Baker: The Viet Nam War era (many class mates or their family members were lost) and racial integration.

My most memorable moment at Baker was graduation.

Graduated from the University of Georgia (some where in the middle of my class).

Have done graduate work at Georgia State, the University of Alabama at Huntsville, and Pepperdine University.

Spent four years active duty in the Marines. I was discharged (honorably I'm happy to say) as a Captain. Thankfully, no combat experience - just the usual Marine Corps training stuff.

I am now a Software Engineer for IBM in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I am married, have two kids: James (14) and Stephanie (11).

What is my ambition? To retire while I'm still young and heathy enough to enjoy it.

Things I enjoy most (other than my family): woodworking, sailing, reading, exercise, my pickup truck. The usual stuff.

April, 1997

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