Steve France, Class of '67

After Baker, I married Debbie Miller, who did her sophomore year at Baker. I graduated from Columbus Tech with an AS in electronics. Worked for North Electric Co. for 13 years installing central office telephone equipment in Florida, getting a divorce from Debbie after 5 years, before getting laid off. Worked in Texas for a few years and married a girl I had met in Ft Myers, FL. She saved my life. Came back to Florida and have worked for Sprint ever since, now living in Orlando. I have 2 grown sons by my 1st marriage, a 12 year old young lady by the 2nd (as of 2005), and 5 grandkids.

I Remember:

"Mr. Strealdorf in the hall, I've seen more hair on a billiard ball!" (Hey! Strealdorf's not in the Staff/Faculty list. What's up with that?!)

Skippin' 6th period ROTC at Taylor's Pool Hall shootin' 9 ball with Ron Daugherty. Gettin' caught by Strealdorf doin' same and getting more licks than I can recall. HEY RON... where are ya??

Sadie Hawkins Day. (What a hoot!)

Carryin' all of your books so you had enough time to smoke a cigarette between periods in the "student smoking area" (Student parking lot). Quit that nasty habit when cigarettes went up to $.45 a pack!

June, 2005

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