Chester Rolf "Ralph" Milton, Class of '67

taken at the McCarthy, Alaska airfieled in the late 1990's 
Rolf Milton, 1995 

I played freshman football, ran track, and wrestled. The Liston/Clay fight and the assassination of JFK stick in my mind. I recall that both were topics of discussion among the smoker crowd that gathered at the gas station on Victory Drive.

When I departed Baker(against my will), as a sophmore, I transferred to a high school near Augusta (Martinez, I think), where I attended a short time before moving on the Augsburg, Germany. Yoshio Smith, with whom I played football was also at Augusta and later in Augsburg. I met may Baker Bums in Augsburg; among them the Cummings brothers, Ray Ownens, Floyd Collins, George Surface, and others, the names escape me right now. Like most of our era, I ended up in the military and had two SE Asia war games under my belt by the end of 1969. Seems I didn't have much sense, as I stayed around until my retirement from the military in 1990. Since my retirement, I have been self-employed as the owner of a real estate company and travel agency; both in the greater Anchorage area. Marriage wasn't really part of my life until 1985 and I became the proud father of Lisa in 1987. OK, OK, a little late, but it always took me a while to catch on :-)

January, 2003

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