Sandy Schafer (Curto), Class of '67


While at Baker I was a B-Team Cheerleader, President of Alpha Tri Hi Y, Civinettes, Thespians, Newspaper and Annual Staffs, and an ROTC Sponsor. My fondest memory was opening night for The King and I in which I portrayed Anna, now that Vicky Morales had finally graduated.....LOL. However, I was very disappointed that the Key Club was out of town that entire weekend. Although I had done other shows, that was my best at that age.

Few of my classmates ever knew of my most cherished high school achievement. Raymond Campbell and Diane Bridges were aware of my trip to compete in the Governor's Honor Program in Atlanta my senior year where I won the governor's Honors Award in Drama. I portrayed a scene from Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. Thanks to Raymond's encouragement and monologue selection, I actually came home a winner!

Upon leaving Baker I spent one year at Georgia Southern which was dismal as a Drama Major. Later I went on to study Viola Spolin's Process Acting out of Northwestern U. as well as Stanislovski's Method Acting with Shelley Winters.

Throughout my marriage I had been fortunate enough to work at my craft both acting and directing, as well as a Drama Coach as we traversed the country. As the Bible says "whither thou goest I shall go" limited my career significantly, however the moves enriched my appreciation of local community and professional theatres.

I have two grown sons, Tony age 29 and Joshua age 26, both of whom I am extremely proud. I am also blessed with two grandsons Dylan age 3 and Trystan age 2.

I am now divorced and currently reside in Orlando, FL although I am considering relocation soon. I am active in travel marketing specializing in cruises as an Executive Cruise Consultant.

I would love to hear from all Baker Alums. Please e-mail me through this site. I promise I'll respond. I attended my 30 year reunion, and was reminded how much I love and miss all of you. Hope to hear from y'all soon!

Sandy Schafer (Curto)

May, 2004

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