Carolyn Williams (Merrill), Class of '67

I remember my time at Baker very fondly. My senior year I was an ROTC sponsor.

The most memorable moment was in 11/63, sitting in Spanish class, when it was announced over the loudspeaker that President Kennedy had been shot.

After Baker, I went to North Georgia College for one quarter and then transferred to Columbus College. Between my sophomore and junior year, I worked at Ft. Benning and decided I preferred working to school - besides couldn't figure out what to do with a degree in English literature except teach and I knew I didn't want to do that. While at Benning, I met my first husband. When he got out of the Army in 1975, we settled in Santa Clara CA and I have lived in California ever since.

I never had any children but my husband, Mike Merrill, has a 22 year old daughter, Melissa. She went into the Air Force in August 2003 and ended up in Guam. While there, she met her husband Brian. Melissa opted to get out of the AF when she became pregnant. Melissa and Brian are currently stationed in Germany and will present Mike with his first grandchild in July 2005. Mike and I both work for the government--I am a claims representative with the Social Security Administration and he is an electrical engineer with the Federal Aviation Administration. I plan to retire by the end of 2005 after completing 33 years so I can spend time in Columbus with my mother who is undergoing kidney dialysis treatments 3 times a week.

We live in the San Diego CA area. For many years we bred and showed Scottish Fold cats. Our cats won several awards and their pictures have been on the covers of Cat Fancy and CATS USA magazines. I now spend my spare time learning to square dance.

May, 2005

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