Kelly "Flea" Carney (Villoch), Class of '68

Kelly Carney Villoch, 1998 

When I'm not interviewing celebrities like Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Jon Secada, Gloria Estefan, and Sly Stallone, I work as senior script writer for Lucent Technologies - you know, the "we make the things that make communications work" people. I am president of Beach Point Productions, an independent production company where I write, direct and produce for print, film, video and television.

Went to Washington D.C. summer of graduation. Went south with the first chill and landed in Miami. Met and married a radical Cuban the weekend of Woodstock. Got a full scholarship and several foundation grants to attend Miami-Dade Community College and Florida International University. Majored in Fine Arts and Literature, minored in Communications and Graphic Arts. Still happily married after 30 years...Wife, mother of three (daughter Jenny 14, two sons, Chris and Jonathan in college, 18 & 19), live on a private island in Miami Beach just down the street from Julio Iglesia (who?! - Major Latin singer).

Did several gigs as art director for an ad agency, textile design for Fieldcrest and Lanvin - high fashion Parisian couture, editor-in-chief of In Grove Miami Magazine, Film Editor for Talent Times Magazine, am designing a digizine - Beach'n Magazine (coming soon to the world wide web). During my spare (ha) time, I garden, cook gourmet meals, read anything and everything, absorb obscure films and review current flicks for several papers and magazines around town. Have a feature film in pre-production hell - The Raft. Own four high end computers - I dabble in 2-d and 3-d animation ala Spielberg. Have a great border collie named Honey. And will be one of the first to have people hate me because I'm scripting all the on-hold video for the new millenium's video phone system combo - the teevee, your computer, telephone, fax and deeveedee player all in one wafer thin plasmatron screen!

That's about it for now. If I could figure out how to eliminate food and sleeping I could do lots more! I got the new Epson Digital Color Camera and the new Volkswagen Beetle and am trying both out. Bam! A double whammy! Click on the picture for a larger view!

Am trying to explain to my crazy Cuban that not all Georgians are rednecks and that not all rednecks are members of the KKK. He does like Kim Basinger so I think I'll build my case for attending the reunion with that lil ole Georgia peach! Bye-bye...

February, 1998

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