Roy Turner "Sunshine" Cook, Class of '68

Played freshman and junior varsity basketball. Active in Student council, served as treasurer and president. Was voted Friendliest and Mr. B.H.S. Also served as President of Freshmen & Sophomore Classes. Voted Best all around Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years. I attend BVHS in the First and Second Grade.

My most memorable moment was when Steve Crawford, Pat Mullins, Richard Bunn, Ray Rush and I went cruising in Ray's father's white Corvair. No one had a license, since I was the oldest, I drove. We were riding in Benning Hills and were stopped by the Police. I gave him my learner's permit, he looked at it and told me that I needed to get it renewed, and instructed us to go home. On the way back to Ray's house, we ran out of gas. We pushed it to a gas station, but the gas tank had a lock on it. We pushed it all of the way home. Ray lived at the end of Walker Street.

Graduated from Columbus College. Currently own and operate a Hot Dog Emporium in Columbus, called "Cook's Place" located at Moon & Miller Rds. 50's decor. Private dining room with BHS memorabilia. Married to the former Teresa Helms (Jordan linthead) Two Dogs- Buster, a Boston Terrier, and Ace,(my step dog) a Jack Russell Terrier. Daughter: Tracy Cook Britt, works with me at my hot dog shoppe.

July, 2007

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