Steve Crawford, Class of '68

Mid 2006 update:

October '07 update: What's new? Hard to believe the late 50's are here already. Did I miss a few decades? Was in Columbus recently... sad to see Baker in such shape. Amazing growth going on there... but that's happening everywhere. Should have bought land in the 60's instead of all that Budweiser. Meanwhile, I still live in Oregon on a ranch on a snow melt river with a view of snow capped mountains. Here's a link to some photos of the area: You might have to copy and paste. It's a golfing paradise -but I don't golf. It's a hiker's wonderland -but I don't hike. It's a fishing dream destination -but I rarely fish. It's a snow boarding and skiing headquarters -but I do neither. It's one of the best known locations in the Northwest for micro brews -at last!!! Have a pint of IPA! Mainly I just work. Trying to figure out an exit plan but that's one project I don't seem to be very good at. You can see my company at I travel quite a bit on business. Mainly to New York City and Washington, DC, but also to Dallas and Asia and to most major military installations... so if you are in one of those areas let me know. Drop a line.

October, 2007

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