Lone "Tammy" Edleman, Class of '68

What fun to find Baker! Iíve had a great time reading all the info, looking at the familiar names, and checking out all the photos. Allen Bowen (68) and I got married, moved to Orlando, Fl., had 2 children and split in í74. I spent the next 10 years working at Walt Disney World where I met my husband Steve Nunnally. We have been married for 23 years. Steve is a naval submarine officer. We have moved just about every 2-3 years. Idaho, Connecticut, California, Florida, Washington State, and Virginia just to name a few places. Steve and I also had 2 children. So, you can imagine what fun we had raising four children all over America. I feel fairly confident that we visited every state park and monument, famous rock, tree and hill in the country. I can also include some out of the country. Iíve had a lot of fun and would do it all again. We are currently living in Virginia Beach, Va. but plan to retire in January of 2004. My goal at that time is to move to Florida and become a beach bum. I stopped using the name Tammy after I left Disney and went back to my real name, Lone. Yes, it has caused a lot of confusion and I still answer to Tammy when the need arises. Iím from Copenhagen, Denmark and Lone is my given Danish name.

September, 2002

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