Walter A. Hall, II, Class of '68

It has been so long I don't really don't remember if I did anything. I do have vague recollections of alternately having a lot of fun and being completely miserable.

Univ. of Georgia BBA '73, J.D. '76
U. S. Army J.A.G. Corps '76 - '81
U. S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Staff Attorney (Wash. D.C.) '81 -'85
Regional Counsel (New Orleans LA) '85 -'91
Dep. Asst. General Counsel (Wash. D.C.) '91 - '95
Asst. General Counsel (Wash. D.C.) '95 -

In 1983 I married Dorothy (Dotty) Foreman (formerly) of Aiken, S.C. We have two great children Maggie (12/86) and Nelson (8/88). They and their activities (soccer, swimming, baseball, scouts, PTA, etc.) take up most of my free time. I really enjoy working with kids; they are generally easier to get along with and a lot more fun than their parents.

September, 1996

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