Robert Holland, Class of '68

July 30, 2003 - Haven't see any of you guys in a long long time. I guess its just natural that we were dispersed across the country due to the events of the late 60's and the intervening time interval since then. Speaking of intervals; over the course of the past 30+ years, I have partially raised one son (Sean) who is now on his way to becoming an officer in the Navy. He previously served 4 years in the Navy submarine service before making it a career decision. I also have three step-sons; Ian, Andrew and Jonathan. Ian lives in Houston, TX and is an electrician. Andrew served three years in the Navy and is now living in Birmingham. Jonathan is an Army combat medic with the 101st Airborne division stationed in Iraq. He has been there since April and we are looking forward to the day he safely returns home. After moving to Birmingham from Columbus in 1983, I worked for a small insurance company until 1986 at which time I was hired at BellSouth as a system's analyst. I worked for BellSouth until I was outsourced to Accenture in 1998. Still with Accenture and can retire with a full pension in only five more years. Can hardly wait. If any of you want to drop me a line or two, its

July, 2003

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