Walt Hingerty, Class of '68

I was a musician. I played with December's Children. We were somewhat successful in the summer of '66 I think. Used to hang with a lotta kids from Phenix City as well. I lived at Capehart. Used to hitchike all over. Gaylords, Traffic circle, CesBon Club.I didn't do nothing at Baker except get in trouble, and try to be a hoodlum. I outgrew most of that. Most memorable moment. We won the Battle of the Bands in the cafeteria. We were up against the Sandmen, Gintrees, and several other notables. (We actually tied) The Gintrees were awesome. They were just like the Beatles. (All played Hagstroms tho.) I had a Hofner bass, from Germany. (Like Paul's)

I was in the Navy, schools, married a couple times, couple kids, widower now. Lost one of my babies. Cop ran her over. No ambitions really. Just like to see Sheila Phillips again. Or Bobbie Burnette, Gary Holland. Some of the names I remember . I was living in Lakeland, Florida and I went back once in the mid 70s, didn't recognize the place. But when its all said and done.....I'm hungry. seeya

October, 1997

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