Deidra Jacqueline "Jackie" Hughey (Smith), Class of '68

While at Baker I was a member of FHA and VOT. I most remember my friends, the good times we had, the football games, Mrs. Griner's home ec. class, going to Kellys after school for cokes and hamburgers. I try to forget the tests, home work, and report cards.

After leaving school I worked for a while then attended Southern Bible College in Lakeland, Fla. (I came home after one quarter and got my MRS. degree (Mrs. Ronny D. Smith) We have been married for 28 years. We have two daughters Courtney Smith Koon 25, who is a first grade teacher at Blanchard Elementary and Sherri Smith 21, who is in the nursing program at CSU. We have a wonderful grandson John Bryce Koon, 9 months. I have the pleasure of keeping him everyday. We moved to Manchester, Georgia in 1981; Ronny's job transferred him there. While in Manchester, I owned and operated a fabric shop and later a Wedding and Tuxedo business. We lived there until 1996. He works for Georgia Power and has recently gotten his real estate license. I help him with that business.

May, 1998

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