Deborah "Debbie" Simmons (Collier), Class of '68

Debbie and Vince 

Received B.A. in English from UGA in 1971 and Ph.D. in English from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1977. Received MBA from UNC in 1979.

Since 1979, I have been a management consultant in the health care industry. Co-founded a consulting firm in 1985, Jennings Ryan & Kolb, which maintains five offices nationally. I am Executive Vice President in the Atlanta office. Our firm provides planning and financial consulting services to hospitals and other major health care organizations. On July 20, 2002, Vince Collier (BHS '68) and I were married at Fort McPherson, GA. We reside in Atlanta, although Vince is commuting to Fort Benning until his retirement date next spring.

October, 2002

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Wedding Reception, July 20, 2002
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