Deborah Lynn Thompkins (Lowry), Class of '68

Deborah Lynn Thompkins, 1968 
Deb Thompkins Lowry, 1996 
Deb in the cabin of a US Airways A321 aircraft, 2001. 

At BHS, I was involved in the Civinettes, Arrowhead staff, Lion's Roar staff, LionBackers, and the National Honor Society. My fondest memories are of sock hops after the ball games, Brat Barracks, pond parties, hanging out at the Krystal, and spring breaks spent in Panama City.

I graduated from Columbus State University in 1972 with a BA in English, and after an undistinguished career at Columbus Bank & Trust, discovered the "friendly skies" where I am a 21st year Flight Attendant with US Airways. I am the widow of Thomas G. Lowry, and reside in Charlotte, NC with three spoiled rotten cats.

February, 2002

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