Franklin Bruce Waller, Class of '68

Anything I did while at Baker, Y'All just need to forget - OK?

Sock Hops, the Krystal, PC Beach, etc. - weren't our youthful years wonderful?

Baker HS, USMC '68-'71 (artillery forward observer radio operator in the 'Great Southeast Asian Commie Killin' Campaign') Columbus College '71-'73, UGA (BSAE - 1980), married '75, divorced '96, two beautiful daughters, 17 & 15.

Currently (since 1989), Senior Staff Process Engineer with Simons Engineering in Decatur, GA (Consultants to the Pulp & Paper industry). Previous employers have included Rust International, Birmingham, AL, Daniel Construction, Greenville, SC and the US E nvironmental Protection Agency in Athens, GA. Have seen way to much of rural America, rural Canada and rural Brazil (Yes, even South Americans don't like Pulp & Paper mills located too close to the city!)

July, 2001

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